Who We Help

To read about the Vision of World's Okayest Mom, Inc, please read this article -- The Vision

With your donations and support, World's Okayest Mom will help moms who:

  • are on bed rest

  • have a child in the NICU

  • lose a child

  • lose a spouse

  • need financial assistance

  • are in abusive relationships

  • are diagnosed with a debilitating illness

  • have a family member diagnosed with a debilitating illness

  • and much, much more.

Thank you for your consideration in becoming financial partners with us as we fulfill our mission to bring joy to the lives of moms in hard times.

To request assistance please visit our Request Care page.


When I was diagnosed with a progressive lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), I was in and out of the hospital with collapsed lungs and needing chest tubes and lung surgeries.  I felt very alone and isolated some days, but I had a little place to retreat in the MOMMYPOWER ERRDAY #World'sOkayestMom's Facebook page.  One day in October, a package arrived from Jenn Rogers. Inside were books, and lotion and lip balm and LOVE - for me and my kids!  Little did she know that I would go back into the hospital for a month long stay a few days after getting that package. Of course, it all came with me!  I read passages of Ellen's book Seriously . . . I'm Kidding to my husband and nurses and visitors. I found laughter in all the little things while battling the big things. I was reminded with every use of the lip balm that I was not alone. Our little Facebook group turned into a lifeline for me. It is a safe place. It is a fun place. It is a place where love and grief co-mingle to let other moms know that other mamas are walking along beside them and that they matter. Real moms. Real stories. Real struggles. Real laughter. Real Love. Thank you to all the World's Okayest Moms! 

Beth Daugherity, WOM of two

When my friend added me to the WOMs facebook group a few months ago my first thought was "Oh yay, another group that I'm going to receive notifications for that I could care less about" (with all the sarcasm in the world I might add! haha!) But shortly after joining my opinion immediately changed. Yes, the no cursing rule was hard for me in the beginning because I like a good curse word just as much as the rest of us but I was able to put that aside because I realized this group was worth it. Many times I have referred to the group as my "mom church", my safe place, and many other things. When I've had a hard day momming I come to these ladies for support, a shoulder to cry on, and unbiased advice. They have picked me up when I wasn't sure that I was strong enough to do it on my own. When I became a member of this wonderful group of women I already knew some of the women in person but I've created friendship and bonds with women from this village of beautiful ladies that can never be replaced or broken. Jenn Rogers is such an amazing person, mom, and friend to all of us. She doesn't know many of us in person but loves on us as if she does. What WOM inc does for us mommas is absolutely amazing! So thank you Jenn Rogers and your darling husband for everything!!!!!

With all the love,

Alli Burnett