Jenn Rogers is a mom of three and an instructor in the Teacher Education Department at Abilene Christian University. Jenn has a Masters in Counseling and Human Development, is pursuing a Doctorate in Organization Leadership, and has spoken at conferences and meetings all over the country. She and her husband, Mark, have a passion for helping others and believe that helping and supporting moms is one of the most important ways to make a positive impact on our world. 

Jenn Rogers started World's Okayest Mom (WOM) in May of 2015 as a Facebook group to support moms. Initially it was just a resource for moms to go where they could be themselves and escape the pressures of being the "perfect" mom on social media. 

The group opened with about 20 of her closest mom friends ... and started growing. And growing. And growing. 

In August of 2013, Jenn had a complication with her third pregnancy resulting in an 82 day hospital bed-rest stay. During that time she was able to keep her sanity and make it through in large part because of the support she received from other moms. Jenn wanted to return that favor.

WOM started selling t-shirts later in 2015 as a way to make money to give away to moms who needed help and support.  She's sent cash to moms, Bravelets to moms diagnosed with cancer (or with children/spouses/significant others fighting cancer), made custom gift packages for moms on bed-rest or with babies in the NICU, and for moms who have experienced pregnancy, infant and child loss. She wants to continue to do even more. 

In the Spring of 2016 we began working on our tax exempt status and received that status in July of 2016. We wanted this status so we could raise lots of money -- and give lots of money away.

We have a massive group of engaged and generous WOMs through Facebook -- so with small gifts from a huge group of people, we can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of moms who need our help. 

Email us at worldsokayestmom15@gmail.com 

Please find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1403241233330056/